Design Your Hot Tub

Design Your Jacuzzi Hot Tub


It can be tough sometimes to envision one color cabinet with another color acrylic. This simple tool will allow you to design your Jacuzzi Hot Tub just the way you like it. You can mix and match things with a simple click of the mouse. Consider your surroundings of your hot tub. Do you want it to blend in with everything around it or do you want it to contrast with other backyard elements? Same thing goes for your acrylic. Do you want it to blend with the cabinet or do you like the contrast? Some people ask what our most popular color combinations are. Thats easy:

  • Silver Pearl acrylic with the synthetic Brazilian Teak cabinet
  • Platinum acrylic with the synthetic Silverwood cabinet
  • Platinum acrylic with the synthetic Roasted Chestnut cabinet
  • Sand acrylic with the synthetic Roasted Chestnut cabinet

Other things to consider are the feel of the acrylic you prefer. Some people like a smooth finish in their design. Platinum, Opal, Monaco, Midnight, Titanium, and Caribbean Surf are all smooth finishes. Some people like a little bit of texture that gives you a feel similar to that of an in ground hot tub. Desert Sand, Sahara, Sand, and Silver pearl are all textured acrylics. With all finishes, keep in mind lighter colors tend to stay cleaner. This is because they dont show water spots, scratches, or calcium deposits as easily as a darker color. No matter how you design you Jacuzzi Hot Tub, you are sure the durable finishes will last you many years to come.