Features to Consider When Choosing Your Hot Tub

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February 26, 2016
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Features to Consider When Choosing Your Hot Tub

When it comes to creating the hot tub experience you’ve dreamed about, it’s important to look for the features that best suit you and your family’s needs. These key features- tub size and layout, jets, shell, and water purification systems, will play the largest role in your experience, and each should be carefully considered.  The team at Great Soak Hot Tubs can help you choose the features that match your lifestyle.

Here’s the bottom line on the main features you should be looking at:

Tub Size & Shape

• Keep in mind the size of the space you’re working with, and remember to take into account things like steps, towel holders, and where the cover will go when you are using the hot tub.
• Hot tubs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from tubs meant for 2 people to family-sized tubs that can comfortably fit 9. Non-lounge and open seating can make a huge difference in flexibility, if entertaining is most important to you
THE BOTTOM LINE: With over 20 models, Jacuzzi® has the hot tub that’s perfect for your lifestyle and your backyard.


• All jets should be fully adjustable, so that your hot tub experience can be completely customizable to you.
• Each seat often provides a different massage experience, so make sure the jet/seat combinations target your desired muscle groups. Look for the right jet in the right place, large jets targeted to large muscle groups, small high intensity jets for tight spots that carry a lot of muscle tension. Just like a good masseuse will use different techniques on different muscles, a good hot tub uses the right jet in the right place.
• A very large number of jets can look appealing but be completely underpowered or improperly engineered, leaving you with a disappointing massage experience.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Jacuzzi® jets utilize the ultimate water to air ratio, providing you the best jets and hydrotherapy, hands down. Our patented Powerpro® jets are designed and positioned for optimum effectiveness giving a deep massage that you can adjust to be as gentle or vigorous as you prefer.


• Since the shell constitutes the main body of the hot tub, it is essential that only the best materials are used.
• Make sure the surface is both durable and lasting. Look for an acrylic surface, it’s a hard, durable material that’s stain and scratch resistant, that enables your hot tub to retain its beauty for years.
• Acrylic surfaces are typically reinforced with fiberglass, look for shells that use a bonding layer between the acrylic and fiberglass that prevents the acrylic layer from “bubbling” and pulling away from the fiberglass underneath.
• Shells come in a wide variety colors, meaning you can hand-pick the tub to suit your backyard.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Made from the finest, most durable materials out there, Jacuzzi® hot tub shells are meant to last a lifetime. Jacuzzi® hot tubs’ proprietary TriFusion shells are eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass hot tub shells and guaranteed not to crack.

Water Purification

• Who wants to spend a bunch of time on making sure your water is sparkling clean each and every time you get in? Look for purification systems designed to minimize maintenance. Modern hot tubs have sophisticated systems that greatly reduce the amount of time required to keep water clean, clear, and fresh smelling.
• Look for systems that use technology in place of chemicals, enabling you to say goodbye to your skin drying out and red eyes.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Jacuzzi® hot tubs’ CLEARRAY® water purification technology provides the cleanest possible water with the least amount of maintenance required. CLEARRAY® water purification system uses ultra-violet light or UV-C (the same technology used in hospitals) to disinfect 99% of contaminants. Because it uses light not chemicals or additives, CLEARRAY® reduces the amount of sanitizer needed, resulting in the cleanest, softest water possible.


Whatever your specific needs are, there’s a customized Jacuzzi® hot tub out there waiting for you. To take a closer look at the various hot tub models and features we offer, please give us a call or stop by today!  This can be the year you start enjoying a new hot tub from Great Soak Hot Tubs!