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Now Carrying Cal Spa Tubs

Now Carrying Cal Spa Tubs

Luxurious Spas, Swim Spas, And Hot Tubs

Cal Spas are luxury resort living for everyone.
When you buy from Cal Spas, you buy peace of mind, knowing your investment is designed with safety and top quality for you and your family.

Today, the celebrated hot tub maker is world renowned as the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products. Cal Spas produces premium collections of lifestyle products from its headquarters in Pomona, California and distributes worldwide through a network of specialty dealers.

The Cal Spas brand family of products includes Cal Spas hot tubs and swim spas, and Cal Flame high-end outdoor grills and hardware, barbecue islands, outdoor fireplaces and firepits. From our humble beginnings selling swimming pools to our future in the homes of families around the world, Cal Spas remains committed to giving you new ways to enjoy the outdoors at an unbeatable value for any budget. Let the Cal Spas story continue with you.

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Great Soak Hot Tubs Offers The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift

Great Soak Hot Tubs Offers the Ultimate Valentine’s Gift

Great Soak is offering the Ultimate Valentine’s Gift during February.  The 110V/220V D’Amour™ from Nordic offers a romantic getaway with incredible hot water therapy.  Featuring multi-depth bucket seating for two, this hot tub allows time with a loved one or simple sanctuary from every day stress.

  • Special includes:
    $100 Gift Card to Grand River Brewery
    Bottle of Champagne
    Box of Gilbert Chocolates
    2 Luxurious Great Soak Hot Tub Towels
    Accessory Package including Cover, Steps, Chemical Kit and Standard Delivery (over $750 value)

Visit Great Soak Hot Tubs today and see this beautiful, romantic hot tub.  No need to travel to a resort to get a romantic getaway!  Enjoy all the benefits of incredible hot water therapy at your own home!


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“Road Open” Sale

“Road Open” Sale

Construction is over!    Crews have finished construction on the new intersection right outside our front door.  Horton Road and Park Road have been reconfigured for better traffic flow and safety, and to accommodate the joining of the City of Jackson’s new PAKA non-motorized trail with the Summit Township Horton Road Trail.  To celebrate, Great Soak Hot Tub Company is having a “Road Open Sale”!   Great specials on Hot Tubs from Jacuzzi and Nordic and Accessories!  The intersection is now open at Horton and Park Roads and the PAKA Trail is complete.  Come by and check out the all new intersection….and the great savings at Great Soak Hot Tub Company!

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Great Soak Hot Tub Company Is OPEN During Construction

Great Soak Hot Tub Company is OPEN During Construction

We thank our customers and visitors for their patience during construction underway near our store.  The City of Jackson and the Township of Summit are working on the re-alignment of the intersection adjacent to our store.  The corner of Park, Horton and Hickory is being re-build to accommodate the new non-motorized trail, The Paka Trail.  The trail is connecting with the new Summit Township trail which will extend in front of Great Soak Hot Tub Company.  We are excited about having an expansion of our community’s trail system, making it even more convenient for cyclists and walkers to reach our store.  In the meantime, please bear with us while this project continues.  The hope is the intersection will be open in two to three weeks.  We’re open!

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Presidents Day Flash Sale

Presidents Day Flash Sale

The Great Soak Hot Tub Company is holding an incredible Presidents Day Flash Sale with savings and rebates on many models.  We are making room for the new 2017 models and are offering great deals during this sale.  Stop in Great Soak Hot Tubs between February 10th and 20th and see our extensive selection.

If you are thinking about remodeling this spring, think about adding a new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub from Great Soak Hot Tubs!  We can help make your home an even better place to come home to!

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To Drain Or Not To Drain (Your Spa) – That’s The Question

To Drain or Not to Drain (Your Spa) – That’s the Question

“When is it time to drain the hot tub?”  I think this question hit the millionth-time mark in my pool-dude world. 

Following that query is, “Well, the guy at the spa store said to drain my hot tub every three months.  My brother-in-law drains his twice a year and my neighbor drains his spa every month.”

First, while spa companies recommend quarterly drains, there’s some misinformation in that answer.

Barring no real problems with green water or some other nasty water issue, the only parameter to drain a hot tub is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). End of story. 

TDS measures all the solids that are in the tap water, not including what happens to hot tub water every time you use your spa.  In other words, when you are in the hot tub at 104 degrees, that steam is distilled water–lacking any minerals–leaving the minerals behind in the water. 

 Think of your hot tub like a giant tea pot.  When you use the hot tub and distill the water the TDS raises incrementally.  When TDS reaches 1500 ppm that’s when it’s time to drain the hot tub.

Why?  High TDS lessens the effect of your chemicals. That means disinfectants are less effective, as are all the other chemicals used.  And when minerals fall out of solution your spa’s innards will look like the inside of your teapot.  It’s okay for the teapot, but not for motors, pumps, heaters and plumbing. Think expensive repair bills.

When to drain your spa is not a time issue–not drain every 3 months, or whatever.  It’s how many times you use your hot tub combined with the natural TDS of your tap water.  And to complicate this issue is tap water TDS measurements can change weekly.  From the same water spigot I’ve measured TDS at 500 ppm and then 900 ppm several weeks later.

High TDS symptoms: You can’t keep your chemicals in solution, no matter how much you add, your spa has no water quality, bad smells, etc.

We can test the TDS for you at no charge… Yeah, that’s a blatant bit of self-promotion to get you to visit our store, but, hey, I’m just another spa dude trying to make a living ;-)!!!  E-mail me at

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New Models Now On Display

New Models Now on Display

The Great Soak Hot Tub Company is ready for winter…are you?    Our showroom is now featuring several new hot tub models, with various features, sizes and colors…we have something for everyone!  Our beautiful showroom is the first place to start when considering a new hot tub.  We can help you decide on what’s right for you and your space.  And we have the expert installation team ready to help.  Stop in and see the great selection and discover how easy it is to become a “hot tub family”!  Of course our selection doesn’t stop with our showroom….there are dozens of models we offer from Jacuzzi and Michigan-made Nordic.  Make this winter great with a new hot tub from Great Soak Hot Tub Company!








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Essential Oils And Hot Tubs

Essential Oils and Hot Tubs

Many people add essential oils to their baths in order to relax. Using essential oils in a hot tub works on the same premises, except that hot tubs can give additional benefits through their jet, whirlpool and bubbling actions. Combining these additional tactile pleasures with essential oils is a wonderful addition to the body’s senses. Although they are a wonderful addition, it is important to note that essential oils are not for everyone. Some people may not like the aroma, or they may have an allergy to it that they are not even aware of. Because of this, it is important to never use essential oils in a hot tub with people who have not had a previous patch test to the oil.

Essential oils are volatile. When exposed to air, they begin to evaporate at a quicker rate than many other liquids such as water. Although essential oils are not water soluble and will tend to float on water, because of the jet and whirlpool action of the hot tub the oil will tend to disperse and break up throughout the water so that a concentrated dose is not directly placed on the skin. The heat of the hot tub will also help to evaporate the essential oil quicker as the steam carries the molecules with it. This can lead to a very relaxing experience that not only a pleasure to your touch sense, but your sense of smell as well.

When using essential oils, it is almost always recommended that you dilute them in a carrier oil before any sort of topical application. This is because essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause adverse effects on some individuals. This recommendation does not apply when using essential oils in a hot tub. Hot tubs utilize plumbing, and although the essential oil is volatile and will evaporate, carrier oils will not. They can stick to the sides of the tubs in parts of the plumbing.

Jacuzzis and other hot tubs only require a small amount of essential oils in them to appreciate the aromas. Smaller hot tubs made for 1 to 2 people can use as little as 5 to 10 drops while larger hot tubs and Jacuzzis can that can accommodate up to 4 people can use up to 12 drops. Be sure not to use more than necessary to appreciate the aroma as using too much essential oils can waste your product unnecessarily and may have adverse effects.

If you’d like more information about Essential Oils you can contact Robyn Ladwig at she is our local Young Living Oils representative, an Essential Oils user and well educated herbalist. She can offer you advice on blends of oils for aroma therapy, topical pain relief, special oil blends for stress, headaches and muscle aches.

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SmartDeck Spa Patio Solution

SmartDeck Spa Patio Solution

The innovative SmartDeck patio system provides a perfect solution to the problem of establishing a flat and level spa surface. Each panel locks together allowing the creation of small or large decks if desired. Textured surface and black color add to the deck’s elegant appeal.

Why take up your valuable deck or concrete patio space?  Level the surface, snap together and you’re ready for a hot tub in 30 minutes.

Call the professionals at the Great Soak Hot Tub Company for more information.

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Features To Consider When Choosing Your Hot Tub

Features to Consider When Choosing Your Hot Tub

When it comes to creating the hot tub experience you’ve dreamed about, it’s important to look for the features that best suit you and your family’s needs. These key features- tub size and layout, jets, shell, and water purification systems, will play the largest role in your experience, and each should be carefully considered.  The team at Great Soak Hot Tubs can help you choose the features that match your lifestyle.

Here’s the bottom line on the main features you should be looking at:

Tub Size & Shape

• Keep in mind the size of the space you’re working with, and remember to take into account things like steps, towel holders, and where the cover will go when you are using the hot tub.
• Hot tubs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from tubs meant for 2 people to family-sized tubs that can comfortably fit 9. Non-lounge and open seating can make a huge difference in flexibility, if entertaining is most important to you
THE BOTTOM LINE: With over 20 models, Jacuzzi® has the hot tub that’s perfect for your lifestyle and your backyard.


• All jets should be fully adjustable, so that your hot tub experience can be completely customizable to you.
• Each seat often provides a different massage experience, so make sure the jet/seat combinations target your desired muscle groups. Look for the right jet in the right place, large jets targeted to large muscle groups, small high intensity jets for tight spots that carry a lot of muscle tension. Just like a good masseuse will use different techniques on different muscles, a good hot tub uses the right jet in the right place.
• A very large number of jets can look appealing but be completely underpowered or improperly engineered, leaving you with a disappointing massage experience.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Jacuzzi® jets utilize the ultimate water to air ratio, providing you the best jets and hydrotherapy, hands down. Our patented Powerpro® jets are designed and positioned for optimum effectiveness giving a deep massage that you can adjust to be as gentle or vigorous as you prefer.


• Since the shell constitutes the main body of the hot tub, it is essential that only the best materials are used.
• Make sure the surface is both durable and lasting. Look for an acrylic surface, it’s a hard, durable material that’s stain and scratch resistant, that enables your hot tub to retain its beauty for years.
• Acrylic surfaces are typically reinforced with fiberglass, look for shells that use a bonding layer between the acrylic and fiberglass that prevents the acrylic layer from “bubbling” and pulling away from the fiberglass underneath.
• Shells come in a wide variety colors, meaning you can hand-pick the tub to suit your backyard.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Made from the finest, most durable materials out there, Jacuzzi® hot tub shells are meant to last a lifetime. Jacuzzi® hot tubs’ proprietary TriFusion shells are eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass hot tub shells and guaranteed not to crack.

Water Purification

• Who wants to spend a bunch of time on making sure your water is sparkling clean each and every time you get in? Look for purification systems designed to minimize maintenance. Modern hot tubs have sophisticated systems that greatly reduce the amount of time required to keep water clean, clear, and fresh smelling.
• Look for systems that use technology in place of chemicals, enabling you to say goodbye to your skin drying out and red eyes.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Jacuzzi® hot tubs’ CLEARRAY® water purification technology provides the cleanest possible water with the least amount of maintenance required. CLEARRAY® water purification system uses ultra-violet light or UV-C (the same technology used in hospitals) to disinfect 99% of contaminants. Because it uses light not chemicals or additives, CLEARRAY® reduces the amount of sanitizer needed, resulting in the cleanest, softest water possible.


Whatever your specific needs are, there’s a customized Jacuzzi® hot tub out there waiting for you. To take a closer look at the various hot tub models and features we offer, please give us a call or stop by today!  This can be the year you start enjoying a new hot tub from Great Soak Hot Tubs!

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Fight A Cold With The Power Of A Hot Tub!

Fight a Cold with the Power of a Hot Tub!

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated when sick, but what many hot tub owners know that others don’t is that they have a powerful ally for fighting cold and flu symptoms just footsteps away in their own backyards. As recently evidenced by CBS’ “The Doctors,” the Emmy-winning show covering health and wellness issues, the health benefits of hot tubs are extensive and undeniable.
Whether they’re relieving congestion that keeps you from breathing right, or relaxing your body and mind before a much-needed good night’s sleep, here’s a simple breakdown of just how powerful hot tubs can be in promoting good health:

Did you know that using the heat from your hot tub to “induce” a slight fever at the first sign of a cold may help your body defeat the virus sooner? Fevers can actually be good for your body when you’re sick. Ron Eccles, director of Cardiff University’s Common Cold Centre, states, “Very high temperatures can stop the cold virus in the nose from reproducing, killing the cold.”

When you consider that the fever you naturally experience during a cold or flu acts as a defense mechanism to rid your system of the virus, you can see how the similar, low-grade “fever” a hot tub provides can boost your immune system, and therefore help you purge harmful germs and viruses.

Every hot tub owner knows that the powerful combo of water heat and jet massage give instant relief from everyday aches and pains. By quickly increasing circulation and relaxing your muscles, hot tubs offer a type of relief that taking pain killers can’t always provide.

When you consider that bodily aches and pains are also notorious symptoms at the onset of a cold or flu, it’s easy to understand why hot tub owners immediately look to their backyards for quick and long-lasting relief from these symptoms.

You know that terrible nasal congestion that just won’t go away when you’re sick; the type of congestion that makes it seem like you can’t breathe, eat or sleep normally? Relief can be as simple as a quick dip in your backyard hot tub. As you immerse yourself in the hot water, the heated, steam-filled air quickly enters your nasal passage, helping to shrink swollen membranes, induce drainage and let you breathe a sigh of relief.

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself when sick. But, as we all know, sleeping when sick is easier said than done. Hot tubs help you relax and de-stress when you healthy, and also help you induce sleep when you need it most.

When you consider that both missed sleep and high levels of stress increase your vulnerability to illness, it’s easy to see why a hot tub is the first place you should turn.

By soaking in the hot water, your body responds the same way it would during meditation or other relaxed states. Once you get out of the hot water, your body temperature decreases, bringing on natural feelings of sleepiness just when you need them most. You’ll get more sleep, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll recover faster.

Learn about the power of hydrotherapy and all the other great benefits of owning a hot tub at Great Soak Hot Tubs.  Our knowledgable team can help you choose the right hot tub for you, your family and your health!

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Take A Wet Test!

Take a Wet Test!

When it comes to shopping for a Jacuzzi® hot tub,  at The Great Soak Hot Tub Company we’re firm believers in the “try before you buy” mentality. Testing a hot tub before you buy will allow you to see the hidden aspects that you didn’t know were important. Here are 9 great reasons to schedule a wet test:
THE INS and OUTS. Until a hot tub is full (and wet), it is impossible to tell if it is going to be easy to get in and out of. Hot tubs get slippery, and especially if you have young children, you wan to make sure that everyone finds a safe and easy way to get in and out of the tub.

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Once you’re in the hot tub, your buoyancy changes, and it’s much easier to answer questions like “Is the tub I’m in a good fit for my body type and height?” Adequate depth and foot space are crucial, so make sure there’s enough room in the foot well and that your torso is fully immersed when sitting up comfortably, but not too deep that you can’t put your arms up if you want.

PICK THE BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE. You and your significant other might be looking for the same type of massage- or a completely different one. But who wants to find out that you both always want the same seat when it’s already taken? Test them out together and make sure you are both happy.

FEEL THE POWER OF THE JETS. The right jets will make or break your hot tub enjoyment, so get in and make sure it works for you. Look for the right jet in the right place, large jets targeted to large muscle groups, small high intensity jets for tight spots that carry a lot of muscle tension. Don’t rely on sticking your hands in the water- hands are more sensitive than most of your body, and often give a false impression.

NOT ALL JETS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Even if the jets look to be in the right place, you need to make sure they are the right style of jet- some jets have a more direct stream, while some have a wider, more soothing stream. (Also, make sure that the jets are easy to adjust and adjust to your liking!)

JETS CAN MOVE YOU. Yes, jets give you a great massage. But if they are not combined with intentional design and a proper layout in the hot tub- they will simply blow you out of your seat. Be sure to try the jets in every seat..

‘LISTEN’ TO THE SILENCE. Hear that? It’s the sound of silence. A top-of-the-line hot tub should make virtually no audible noise when the water is circulating, heating and filtering. Also, listen when the jets are engaged — no one wants their quiet time spoiled, including your neighbors, so make sure the hot tub you’re in runs quietly.

EXPERIENCE THE WATER. The best hot tubs avoid unpleasant chlorine smells and skin-drying chemicals. And if your dealer, who is a professional, cannot keep the water clean, it’s going to be a challenge. (Our CLEARRAY® water purification technology uses ultra-violet light and should leave you smelling clean, fresh air without the harsh chemical scent).

NUMBERS CAN BE DECIEVING. Sure, 100 jets sound like a great idea- but you can only get so much power at once unless you also have strong pumps and efficiently engineered plumbing. Look for a find a perfect balance of jet power and strength, with the ability to customize pressure and air mix to your preferences. We strongly suggest you go beyond the numbers and actually get in the tub, so you can experience it for yourself.

ASK AWAY! While soaking, you’ll undoubtedly come up with questions you might not have otherwise thought of. That’s what The Great Soak Hot Tub Company is for, so ask away!

Ready for your wet test?  Stop by or give us a call!  The Great Soak Hot Tub Company wants to make sure you get the hot tub that fits….your needs, your home…your lifestyle!

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To Lounge Or Not To Lounge

To Lounge or Not to Lounge

Lounge seats, provide the experience of a nearly weightless massage in a reclined position. Having helped countless customers over the years select the Jacuzzi® brand hot tub seats that are just right for them, we believe it’s important to stress that lounge seats aren’t for everyone. Here’s what our experts recommend keeping in mind when determining whether a hot tub lounge seat is right for you:


• DO I WANT TO ENTERTAIN? Lounge seats are better suited for quiet, personal relaxation time in the hot tub. We’re not saying that you can’t entertain guests in a hot tub featuring lounge seating, it’s just important to realize that they are more intended for lying back without necessarily being face-to-face with others.

• DO I FIT? Keep in mind that lounge seats are not one-size-fits-all. Check to see whether the lounge seat fits your height, torso length and inseam comfortably. It’s very important to check to see how well you fit when the hot tub is full- the buoyancy of the water, and the deepness of the water levels can dramatically change your experience.

• DO I FLOAT? Although lounge seats are designed to provide some degree of buoyancy, it’s important that you don’t feel like you’re floating away. Make sure the lounge seat is angled deeply enough to keep you in place and assess whether you prefer this type of massage.

By immersing yourself firsthand in a lounge seat, you’ll fully understand how they work, what muscles they target and, most importantly, whether they’re comfortable for you.

Whether they’re performing a deep-tissue massage on large muscle groups or a more refined massage on the neck muscles simultaneously, lounge seats are optimal for full body relaxation and personal quiet time after a long day. If you find that lounge seats simply aren’t for you, there are a variety of other seat types at your disposal. Here are some of the most popular, non-lounge seating options available:

• THERAPY SEATS: These seats are designed to provide intense, comprehensive back therapy and have a strong focus on massage.

• COOL-DOWN SEATS: By raising your body slightly above the water line, these seats slowly adjust your body temperature as you get in or out, or simply want to take a break. (Also, a must-have for those with children).

• LOVESEATS: These seats are perfect for individuals or couples that prefer to sit upright, with their feet flat on the bottom. Loveseats also allow for more flexibility in how many people can enjoy into the hot tub at once.

There’s really only one way to properly assess whether a lounge seat is right for you — test it out! We highly recommend scheduling a “wet test,” with your dealer. The Great Soak Hot Tub Company will allow you to test out our hot tubs after hours, where you and your family can privately try out the hot tubs to make sure you are getting what’s right for you. Stop in or give us a call and set up your “wet test”!

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