To Lounge or Not to Lounge

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January 13, 2016
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January 29, 2016

To Lounge or Not to Lounge

Lounge seats, provide the experience of a nearly weightless massage in a reclined position. Having helped countless customers over the years select the Jacuzzi® brand hot tub seats that are just right for them, we believe it’s important to stress that lounge seats aren’t for everyone. Here’s what our experts recommend keeping in mind when determining whether a hot tub lounge seat is right for you:


• DO I WANT TO ENTERTAIN? Lounge seats are better suited for quiet, personal relaxation time in the hot tub. We’re not saying that you can’t entertain guests in a hot tub featuring lounge seating, it’s just important to realize that they are more intended for lying back without necessarily being face-to-face with others.

• DO I FIT? Keep in mind that lounge seats are not one-size-fits-all. Check to see whether the lounge seat fits your height, torso length and inseam comfortably. It’s very important to check to see how well you fit when the hot tub is full- the buoyancy of the water, and the deepness of the water levels can dramatically change your experience.

• DO I FLOAT? Although lounge seats are designed to provide some degree of buoyancy, it’s important that you don’t feel like you’re floating away. Make sure the lounge seat is angled deeply enough to keep you in place and assess whether you prefer this type of massage.

By immersing yourself firsthand in a lounge seat, you’ll fully understand how they work, what muscles they target and, most importantly, whether they’re comfortable for you.

Whether they’re performing a deep-tissue massage on large muscle groups or a more refined massage on the neck muscles simultaneously, lounge seats are optimal for full body relaxation and personal quiet time after a long day. If you find that lounge seats simply aren’t for you, there are a variety of other seat types at your disposal. Here are some of the most popular, non-lounge seating options available:

• THERAPY SEATS: These seats are designed to provide intense, comprehensive back therapy and have a strong focus on massage.

• COOL-DOWN SEATS: By raising your body slightly above the water line, these seats slowly adjust your body temperature as you get in or out, or simply want to take a break. (Also, a must-have for those with children).

• LOVESEATS: These seats are perfect for individuals or couples that prefer to sit upright, with their feet flat on the bottom. Loveseats also allow for more flexibility in how many people can enjoy into the hot tub at once.

There’s really only one way to properly assess whether a lounge seat is right for you — test it out! We highly recommend scheduling a “wet test,” with your dealer. The Great Soak Hot Tub Company will allow you to test out our hot tubs after hours, where you and your family can privately try out the hot tubs to make sure you are getting what’s right for you. Stop in or give us a call and set up your “wet test”!